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We are a Sydney based carpet cleaning company that provides a friendly, personalized and expert service with over 17 years experience in the industry. Our company is 100% family owned and run, it’s not a franchise and we use Australian made products.

Not only do we provide a carpet and sofa cleaning service, we also developed our own cleaning products using the assistance of microbiologists and a industrial laboratory for technical expertise. We made sure it was strictly safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly AND effective! This product was nominated twice for the DuPont innovation awards.

The Carpet Genie product is what we use in order to clean your carpets, and let’s face it, we REALLY prefer to use a premium product like this even if it’s just for our own health. It’s great for you if your carpets are cleaned using a safe product, but it’s even more wonderful for us after more than a decade of using a safe product. That’s why it makes sense to stick with us!!

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